The Origin of The Coldstream Tales Universe

The Coldstream Tales Universe – Our Origin Story We started with blue characters. We might have even considered animals. Mythical creatures. We even ended up with Greek names for a time. What initially bound Taj, in Kansas, with Karen and Jesse, in Coldstream, was that if we were going to write children’s books with Plus […]

You Are… by Coldstream Tales

It’s a….BOOK! Welcome to the world, You Are… Join us in welcoming to the world our first release, You Are…, a children’s book written to help you teach your child that anything is possible. You Are… was written collaboratively by Karen Richard and Jesse Richard – husband and wife duo behind the transmedia publishing company, Coldstream […]

Welcome to Coldstream, Where You Belong

Welcome to the Coldstream Tales Universe We’re on a mission to create a universe where everyone belongs. Picture this. A family, maybe like yours. January 2020. The kid is finally in bed (late – again) after a long day. You follow the routine you’ve used for years: bath and jammies, brush teeth, read a book, […]

Interview with Taj Mattingly

Taj Mattingly | Artist and Illustrator

Meet Taj Mattingly Founder, Creative Director, and Artist of the Coldstream Tales. We talk about his love of art and storytelling, the devastating injury that dramatically impacted his career as a designer and illustrator, and his life as part of the Coldstream Tales.  With a laugh that’s larger than life and physical stature that could […]

Interview with Jesse Richard

Jesse Richard | Founder & Executive Director

Jesse Richard, Founder and Executive Director of Coldstream Tales Jesse is a software developer, habitual CTO, and recovering XL spreadsheet junkie, talks about what led him to create an inclusive and accessible universe where everyone is welcome. Polymath might be the best term to describe Jesse. The term is used to define someone like him […]

Interview With Karen Richard

Children's Book Author Karen Richard

Karen Richard – Founder, Author & Literary Director of the Coldstream Tales, and Speech-Language Pathologist. Why she’s a newly self-diagnosed “Multipotentialite,” why she left her career to start a children’s book series, and why you belong in Coldstream.

Inspiration and Ramblings – by Karen

Karen Richard

Inspirations…by Karen A collection of books, music, and anything that inspires me. Updated intermittently and when I feel like it. Books I’ve read, have been influenced by, and often recommend. I’m a nerd and love to learn, so most are non-fiction:  NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman. This […]

Five Stages of Speech and Language Development Before Baby’s First Words

Ada Lovlace

Five Stages of Speech and Language Development Before Baby’s First Words Disclaimer: Please note that this article discusses the typical stages and related age ranges of infant speech development. Not all children develop at the same rate, and there will be some overlap of each of these stages. If you have concerns about your baby’s […]

Shockingly Easy Strategies to Stop Your Child’s Tantrums

Child tantrum shopping

Toddler tantrums. They happen. Your kid doesn’t care if you’re stressed out and stuck in traffic or trying to enjoy a lovely meal in a restaurant. (Restaurant dining…remember that? Sigh.). Contrary to what you might think, your child isn’t trying to be a jerk. Seriously! That fiery little ball of energy isn’t that vindictive (yet) and has certainly not mastered the art of manipulation. But a few minor changes in how you interact with and respond to your toddler can help you take back control and stop the fighting.