We believe every child should feel seen, to experience the joy and excitement a good story can bring. And we feel no one should be left out, regardless of their abilities or challenges.

At Coldstream Tales, we help parents and teachers connect with and support the development of all children through our inclusive and magical universe. We deliver our tales to you through our custom eReader or through downloadable eBooks, accessed through your own smartphone, tablet, or computer. For teachers or parents looking for a little extra time, you can even access our books through video. Our books can be customized to represent your child or the children in your life and are multilingual, so we can reach you no matter where you are or what language you speak.

Our stories include a universe of diverse characters from around the world, each representing a topic or area of interest. A universe where children can see themselves, their talents, and their challenges represented.

When you buy from Coldstream Tales, there are no shipments or shipping costs. You can buy now and dive right in. There is no more waiting, so you can start connecting with your child in new ways, right away.

So…welcome! You belong in Coldstream.

Our Team

Meet the folks behind the Coldstream Tales universe.

Our Values

Our values guide everything we do. They shape how we work together, with our community, and everything we aspire to be. Our values influence all business decisions and, ultimately, how we serve you. 

Our mission is to help all children by empowering and supporting guardians and practitioners with an inclusive, educational and fun online universe of books, characters, and plus content. 

Diversity + Inclusivity

We acknowledge, respect, and embrace differences in race, gender, orientation, ability, age, family status, and mental, physical and spiritual health.


We aim to make all our content born-first with accessibility in mind from conception to publication.


We empower and support guardians and practitioners alike by providing resources and information, making it easier to for them to support their child's development.

Empathy + Compassion

We believe that empathy is a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly. Empathy, coupled with compassion, is the key to everything we do.

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Plus Content is provided with the purchase of a Coldstream Tale book and can be downloaded for use at home, in classrooms, or in a clincal setting. For the moment, all Plus Content is in English.

eBooks are provided in tandem with access to the Coldstream reader when you purchase any Coldstream Tale book. They can be downloaded for use at home, in classrooms, or in a clincal setting, and can be used on your tablet, mobile device, and some eReaders. eBooks are often better for use on mobile devices.


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