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Access to our products requires that you create an account. Setting up an account is really easy and only takes a few minutes. You can sign in with your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Apple account. If you prefer, you can give us your email address and create a password, which you can use to access your account and purchased stories.

Click the accounts tab at the top of any page on our site to access your account details and customize your preferences. Confirm whether or not you are following a book to be notified of updates, manage your notifications, review your order details, update your billing address and payment information, or logout of your account. 

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Placing an Order

We currently accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and American Express. Coldstream Tales does not store your credit card information. All transactions are processed by a third-party vendor. 

As you must create an account or login to our site to make a purchase, we are not yet able to support gift purchases. We are working hard on a solution. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn for updates, or sign up for updates by email and we will notify you when this option is available. 

Due to the digital nature of our products, Coldstream Tales does not offer refunds and considers all sales final. In the event you feel entitled to a refund, please refer to our refund policy for details. 

Payment is taken at the point of ordering. Once payment is processed, you will have immediate access to the item(s) you purchased.


Our apologies, but we are not able to accept orders by phone at this time. 

At this time, we are not yet equipped to sell or redeem gift cards; however, we are working on it! Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or LinkedIn for updates, or sign up for updates by email and we will notify you when this option is available. 

If you card has been declined, please contact your credit card provider for information. If it has been declined, we are unable to process payment with this method at this time. 

Once your order has gone through, you should receive an email with an order number as confirmation. If you don’t receive an email, double check that you’ve spelled your email address correctly – it’s also worth checking your junk mail.

You can check the status of all active and past orders by signing into your Account. 

All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars (CDN$).

There are no Customs or Duties charges for international orders as all products are currently digital. 

Taxes will be charged and collected based upon the billing address you provide. 

Product Information

Coldstream Books are available through our native Coldstream Reader. The Coldstream Reader allows readers to customize their book, access additional accessibility features, find hidden content, and enable translation, narration, and music. The Coldstream Reader is available through web on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, though mobile devices are not an ideal experience based on the screen size and performance requirements. For mobile devices we recommend downloading the eBook version. 

eBooks are available for any device and can be accessed on some eReaders. 

Coldstream books are released in a number of series. The primary series, You, allows readers to customize the You character to match who they are. In these books, simply clicking the top menu and selecting the You character will customize the book. 

In advance of purchasing a book, you can customize the experience by accessing the personalize feature on a book page. 

Coldstream books can be accessed via our native eReader, the Coldstream Reader. The core objective of building our own reader was to grow with the demands of readers who have accessibility needs not found in some other eReaders. As such a number of initial accessibility features have been released with our first book, You Are… These features include:

  • High Contrast
  • Animation
  • Emmersive Mode
  • Narration
  • Translation
  • Keyboard Accessibility
  • Mouse Accessibility


And audiobook version of our narrated books will be made available to those who have purchased the book. 

In the event you find a way to increase the functionality for folks who require accessibility options, we’d love to heard them. Please let us know how we can make Coldstream better. 


Coldstream loves suggestions and we would love to take your ideas and spin them into books and upgrades. Coldstream Tales keeps a publicly viewable company roadmap that shows the features and additions that have been submitted by folks just like you. In the event you have a suggestion, just type it below and we’ll try to get back to you with questions or updates. 

Our goal is for all of our customers to love everything we do. In the unlikely event this is not the case we want to know about it as soon as possible so that we can put it right for you and ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Please contact us and we would be happy to assist you immediately and resolve any problems you may have experienced. We aim to resolve all complaints within 7 working days unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Coldstream Tales wants collaborators to be involved. So much so, we’ve structure our company around working with them. We love to work with contributors in way of writing, art, music, or subject matter. If you wish to be a contributor, you can either leave your ideas and email address below, or you can fill out the more formal collaborator form here

Boring Stuff

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Nope. Not the chocolate chip kind. We said this was boring stuff, remember? Our Cookie Policy can be found here

Addressing the accessibility needs of our readers is very important to us. We keep an ongoing list of the accessibility features we’re adding to our website and Reader. You can read our Accessibility Statement here. You can view our company roadmap here.

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Download file?

Plus Content is provided with the purchase of a Coldstream Tale book and can be downloaded for use at home, in classrooms, or in a clincal setting. For the moment, all Plus Content is in English.

eBooks are provided in tandem with access to the Coldstream reader when you purchase any Coldstream Tale book. They can be downloaded for use at home, in classrooms, or in a clincal setting, and can be used on your tablet, mobile device, and some eReaders. eBooks are often better for use on mobile devices.


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