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Picture this. A family, maybe like yours. January 2020. The kid is finally in bed (late – again) after a long day. You follow the routine you’ve used for years: bath and jammies, brush teeth, read a book, and cuddle in bed before lights out—five minutes of magic. Now you get some “me time,” or time to talk and connect with your partner before the exhaustion takes over.

Our lives looked a lot like that, on constant repeat. One night Jesse and I talked about our respective days, and I tossed out an off-handed comment about writing children’s books. It didn’t go anywhere that night, but the conversation flowed to frustrations about work – wanting to do more to help the families I supported and make things easier for them.

The next day we talked about it again, and the ideas and questions flowed:

  • What if books could be more than just books?
  • How could we make them better?
  • More accessible for all children?
  • How could I use them to share my knowledge and experience with parents to make sharing books more successful?
  • What if we could help families learn the strategies they needed to help their children communicate better?

The seeds were planted, and the ideas continued to flow. We soon partnered with Taj, and Coldstream Tales was born:

Coldstream Tales is a transmedia publishing company that focuses on accessibility and inclusivity. Our books represent a wide variety of people and are written to be interactive and accessible. Books can be personalized and translated into a number of languages.


To help all children by empowering and supporting guardians and practitioners with an inclusive, educational, and fun online universe of books, characters, and plus content.


To help children grow and evolve through reading and discovery and to utilize technology to make the lives of guardians and practitioners of children easier.

Our Values

Diversity + Inclusivity

We acknowledge, respect, and embrace differences in race, gender, orientation, ability, age, family status, and mental, physical and spiritual health.


We aim to make all our content born-first with accessibility in mind from conception to publication.


We empower and support guardians and practitioners alike by providing resources and information, making it easier to for them to support their child's development.

Empathy + Compassion

We believe that empathy is a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly. Empathy, coupled with compassion, is the key to everything we do.

We're Learning. We're Growing.

We’re making Coldstream better. For you. Our values guide everything we do. They shape how we work together and with our community and shape everything we aspire to be. They influence all of our business decisions and, ultimately, how we serve our customers. We believe in inclusivity and accessibility for all regardless of race, gender, orientation, ability or disability, age, family status, or mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

Would you like to know more about our company, the founders, or our collaborators? Head over to our Company Page for more information.  Do you have a great idea or a story to share? Head here to submit a collaboration request.  To stay up-to-date on all things Coldstream, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and join our email list.

Access Coldstream Tales by visiting coldstreamtales.com or reading the books in the Coldstream eReader, available on this site and coming soon to iOS and Android.

From Coldstream to Kansas City, to Buenos Aires and beyond, Coldstream Tales prides itself on diversity and inclusivity as it shapes the stories we'd like to tell. ​

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