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Jesse Richard | Founder & Executive Director

I am a software engineer and career technologist with over 20 years experience in early-to-mid stage startup in various executive and C-Level roles. Starting my first technology company at 19, a small hosting service, in Calgary, Alberta, I later went on to work in retail, commerce, entertainment, streaming, banking, and most recently and successfully security. My career as placed me in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Sydney. Having successfully built a number of companies that were later acquired, I’ve opted to work with my wife, Karen Richard, to do something more fun and inspiring. Coldstream Tales endeavours to give children adequate representation and opportunities during the most formative years of their lives.

I have directly engineered or overseen the development of the Coldstream ereader which is fundamental as a lightweight, agile reader that supports a number of accessibility challenges and allows books to be personalized for the reader. This is a cornerstone of our little company.

Due to my unique history as a founder, I consider myself a polymath and will be intimately involved in the development of the Coldstream universe of books. Such contributions will include engineer, coding, authoring, and scoring (music, yes music) for the series. As a frequent traveller, I’ve spent time in 45 countries around the world and hope to bring that unique international experience to the inclusive nature of our books.

I love this little company. It is my forever job.

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Plus Content is provided with the purchase of a Coldstream Tale book and can be downloaded for use at home, in classrooms, or in a clincal setting. For the moment, all Plus Content is in English.

eBooks are provided in tandem with access to the Coldstream reader when you purchase any Coldstream Tale book. They can be downloaded for use at home, in classrooms, or in a clincal setting, and can be used on your tablet, mobile device, and some eReaders. eBooks are often better for use on mobile devices.


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